Founded in 2016, Astral Theatre Collective is gearing up for it’s 2017/2018 Season.  You are invited to check out the calendar and rest of the site as often as you would like.  New content is being added regularly, as well as options for all sorts of venues.  Response to Astral’s original and maiden production entitled Sherlock Holmes and the Beast of Whitechapel was overwhelming.  Many thanks to those who made it out to see the show!  If you missed it, catch one of Astral’s performances this year!   If you have any questions or would like to book Astral Theatre Collective for a performance, please visit our contact page.

“Come, my friends, it is time for a great story!”    – John Johnson, owner


2 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. To John Johnson and the entire Astral Theatre Collective, please accept hearty thanks and enthusiastic applause for your sparkling performance of an original radio-style drama of Sherlock Holmes at the Christmas Dinner of the Museum of Radio and Technology today, Sunday, Dec. 3.


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