2018 Schedule of Events


“Wolf’s Head – A Tale of Robin Hood and the Sheriff”

Join us as we debut a new play based on the ancient tales of Robin Hood!

Sherwood Forest is still as full of adventure as ever it was, finding Robin Hood up to his usual robbing of the rich.  But when he finds that he has stolen from the King, has jolly Robin gone too far?  And does the arrival of the King’s enforcer bring equal trouble for the Sheriff of Nottingham?  Marian, Little John, Friar Tuck – the merry band is together for one more grand fight against tyranny.  But will this be the end of the legend?

Come see us at the Alban Arts Center in St. Albans!Performances will be held March 16-18, 23-25, 2018.  Tickets are available now at  Directed by Brian Kidd from a script by John Johnson.2017-11-9 Robin Hood

Coming this Halloween!

“The Shadow of Frankenstein”

A sequel to Mary Shelley’s classic, written by John Johnson.

More details coming soon!

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